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Porn Whats is a site that indexes WhatsApp group links that can be uploaded to the site by anyone. When sent, the group goes through an evaluation period of up to 2 days. Within the evaluation period, our team analyzes detail by detail of the group sent to see if it complies with our Group Policies. If the group complies with our group policies, it is approved and indexed on the website. Otherwise, the group is disapproved and eliminated from the platform.

Porn Whats has no control and is not responsible for the content and conversations that take place within WhatsApp groups.

Porn Whats does not tolerate any type of group with illegal content. If the group goes through approval following our Group Policies and after that, the group changes its content style, the group can be sent to our system of Content Removal to be reassessed or removed. Remembering that we have no control over the content and conversations within the group, as this is the responsibility of the people who are in the group and the WhatsApp messaging application.

By accessing the website, you agree that:

  • The site does not tolerate, in hypothesis, any group that references or has content related to child pornography, zoophilia, scams, gambling, false notes, spread of hatred, racism, prejudice, homophobia, xenophobia and discrimination. If our team finds that the group has something to do with this type of content, the group will be disapproved or broadcast without notice.

  • I agree that the site pornwhats.com is just an indexer of WhatsApp group links and that the site has no relationship with social networks WhatsApp and Facebook.

  • I agree that I will be using the site only to join indexed groups, and that after joining any group, the site is not responsible for the content and conversations that take place within the group.

  • By accessing the site you accept that we use COOKIES to get a better browsing experience for the user.

Content Removal:

Content removal is the website system responsible for removing groups that have been indexed on the website that do not follow or no longer follow the Group Policies. Every group sent to be removed will undergo a reassessment and our team will decide, according to our group policies, whether or not the group should be removed. If you are the owner of the group and you no longer want the group to be indexed by our website, you can also make a request to remove content.

To submit a content removal request, please visit our Content Removal.